Friday, March 21, 2008

Why is it Good Friday?

Tonight before bed, Spencer asked me if it was Easter yet. I guess he thought it was Easter tomorrow because we are going to an Easter Egg hunt. I explained to him that it was not Easter tomorrow, but Good Friday - to which he replied... "Why isn't it called sad Friday instead of Good Friday? It makes me sad that Jesus had to die." 

We talked about the fact that it is sad that Jesus had to die, but He loved us so much He did it so we could be with Him forever in Heaven. He still wanted to know why it's called "Good Friday" so to appease him, we looked it up.

Click here to see what we found. This information was also interesting.

Now you know why it's called Good Friday.

I pray you have a blessed Easter!


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Hey Girl!

We are headed out of town, but I posted my Then Sings Post last night... I may or may not be able to add to Mr. Linky this week....

Have a wonderful Easter weekend


Celly B said...

We had a similar conversation at our house this week, though ours was much simpler than the information you found. I included it in my TftWT post this week.
Have a blessed Easter weekend!

Cheri said...

Have a wonderful Easter!

Carol said...

That was a very interesting site! Funny how our minds think alike!!

Ceci said...

LOL I had this conversation yesterday afternoon with my hubby! My hubby is a Christian, but he has only been a member of the Pentecostal church, and they do not stress the components of the Holy Week. I was raised in the Lutheran church and had lots of Catholic friends, so I am familiar with alot of the background of Maunday Thursday, Good Friday, etc.

We go to two churches right now, mine in the morning on Sunday, and his on Sunday afternoon. However, his church is having a morning service for Easter, so we will miss my church's celebration. It should be interesting!

Looking forward to Then Sings My Soul tomorrow...I need to sing!

Christina said...

Wow that certainly is a lot of information on why it is called good. Very interesting. I am glad that we have good Friday, it is certainly a very important day and a very good one for Christians. Without it where would we all be.

mama2dibs said...

I don't know whether it's sad or interesting, but I was just wondering the same thing yesterday. I was musing about it to my 3 year old daughter as we were dicussing what Jesus did for us.

Joanne said...

Thanks for that info. I just got my first Christian History magazinein the mail today. It thrilled me to see that that is where you sent us for the "Good Friday" info.

Happy Easter! Joanne

Linda said...

Blessed Easter to you, Amy.