Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Battle continues

It's 5:15 a.m. We have been up since 3 a.m. Spencer was congested and coughing so I went to check on him. It was like the Holy Spirit tapped me on my shoulder and said... "A storm is coming. Board up your windows. Get your supplies. Be ready." I decided to move Spencer to my bed. I gave him some OTC cold medicine. He quickly went back to sleep in my bed.

3:52 a.m. I wake up to Spencer seizing. Once again... we are not sure how long but I'm sure it would have been longer had he not been laying beside me. No way I would have known if he had been in his own bed. We turn on the lights and wash his face and try to talk him out of it. We pray. It doesn't stop. We administer his rescue medication. It doesn't stop. We call 911.

The person on the line rubs me the wrong way. She is asking questions like "Is he diabetic?" "Has he recently had surgery?" I know it is her job, but I started the call by saying that he has epilepsy and he is having a status seizure... that we had already administered his rescue medication. You would think she could tell that I have been through this a few times. I say to her... "no he is not diabetic... he has epilepsy." I guess I snapped at her because she retorts something like, "Mam, answering questions that way won't stop his seizure." No kidding lady.
At this moment I feel bad for speaking to her with a sharp tone. At that moment I didn't. 

The ambulance arrives and Spencer is taken to the hospital. Greg went with him. This is the first time I have been left at home. I am usually the one to take the hospital trip. I don't like the waiting. I am trying to listen to the voice of the Father and not the voice of the accuser.  I don't know what to do other than pray and right now I'm prayed out... so I am posting this to fill the time. 

I've been maintaining contact with Greg through texting. The seizure has stopped and Spencer is awake. He is talking to the nurses about his school, his teacher and getting a seizure dog. That is definitely at the top of our priority list now. At least the prayer about direction on getting a dog has been answered. We will apply and leave it in God's hands.

I am trying to remember and pray my scripture from two nights ago. I've had to go back to read this post to remind myself. I quickly begin to think about the day ahead. Our plans have changed. No school. Greg will probably not work. I'll cancel my training probably. 
I think about the fact that our  plans have changed for just one day. What about people tonight who are facing a situation where their plans have changed for the rest of their lives. What about the people whose situations tonight have changed their eternity. I try to lift them up in prayer too.

I wonder if I should even be posting this. What will people think about me posting on a blog while my child is at the hospital?  Then I think to myself... maybe God has allowed you to be able to think and write about this now, at this exact moment, because something you say will make a difference for someone in my kingdom... someone  who is fighting a battle of their own... so I am getting ready to hit "publish."

Yes, there is a battle going on all around us. It is a spiritual battle as much as a physical and mental one. But we who belong to Christ know that the battle has already been won.

Revelation 12:10-11
Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say:
"Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God,
and the authority of his Christ. 
For the accuser of our brothers, 
who accuses them before God day and night,
has been hurled down.
They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb
and by the word of their testimony."

For more on spiritual warfare go here.


Cheri said...

I don't know how you feel today. So I won't pretend that I do. I can not imagine. Just know that I pray for Spencer and his whole family.

God's loving arms are around you...can you feel them?

Michelle said...

I will pray for your family and for Spencer getting a seizure dog. I wish I knew something more insightful and uplifting to say.

Beth Cotell said...

I'm so sorry that Spencer had another seizure but I am praising the Lord that he was in your bed when he did.

I will continue to pray for Spencer and your family and the seizure dog.

God bless you and thank you for posting even though you weren't sure if you should or not.

Jenny said...

Darling, my heart is breaking for you. Last night my Lauren sleep with me because she isn't feeling well. When she crawled in my bed she had her ragged "Lammy". Its a stuffed lamb that her dad got her when she was in ICU after she had fallen in the pool and we thought she was dying.

Anyway, when I saw that Lammy I thought of all that God had done for us. He is faithful, I know He will be right there with you and Spencer today!

We are praying for you all!


Denise C said...

Bless your "mommy heart"!!! I am so sorry this is happening to you sweet little boy. I will be a prayer warrior on your son's behalf! I will faithfully lift him in prayer...and your entire family too!
Bless you my sweet friend,

Darlene said...

My heart goes out to your family. I am praying for you. The scripture in Psalms 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God;" Came to my mind as I was reading your blog. I don't know if this helps you, but I hope somehow it does.
Great is thy Faithfullness
Great is thy Faithfullness
Morning by morning new mercies I see
All I have needed thy hand hath provided
Lord unto me

Wifeof1Momof4 said...

Amy, I am sorry Spencer is going through this right now and I AM praying. When Ethan gets home from school, we will pray again.

If you did not post, we would not know what is going on and I want to be specific when I pray. So thank you for moving beyond your fear and writing this post.

The body of belivers WILL pray for you and Spencer even when you can't.

Don't worry about what others think about you posting. If it helps to write, WRITE. If it helps to scream, SCREAM and if it helps to pray, PRAY. The mothers in my old church used to say God understands moans too and He does.

I know you feel awkward doing something "ordinary" while Spencer is sick, but you have to keep your sanity too. Believe me, MANY people told me they could not believe I would work at church or work on my committees after Ethan would have a horrible day or night, but I needed to take my mind away from the situation for just a little while. I needed and you need to RELEASE!

I know I don't live near you, but if there is something, something I can do, please let me know. Check your email for my phone number.

The Lord's peace upon you now and healing for Spencer.


Kimberly said...

Yes, Amy! Yes! That very scripture you wrote at the end has been in my heart and in my mind for days now.
I am GLAD you posted. It lets me join in with all of those already praying for you. It touches lives. It shows to all, even the enemy, where you know your help will come from. So don't you apologize or doubt posting, Amy. The blood of Jesus and your testimony of His faithfulness are overcoming the power of the enemy!
I am praying for you all!!!!!

Wifeof1Momof4 said...

Amy .. Ethan has just been with me in front of the computer and we both prayed for Spencer and your entire family.

Bless you ..

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your heart. Spencer is in our prayers.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh Amy. I am SO sorry you went through this. I understand your writing about it; you were processing your experience. Don't feel bad about any way you handle these situations; it is your life, and you walk in the spirit. You are doing what you are supposed to be doing. And the writing may minister to someone else someday, as well as serve as a signpost in your lives where God has been present along the way. When I have more time, I want to go back through your posts and try to read about the dog. Blessings on you all.

DeAnna said...

You all have been heavy on my heart lately. I guess now I know why. Let me know what I can do.

Melissa in Mel's World said...


I am so sorry that Spencer had another seizure, but want to sing praises to the Lord for pressing it on your heart to bring him to your room last night.

You have to write when God lays it on your heart and who is anyone (other than God himself) to judge you for posting. It is a relief, it is an avenue for release, it is just what you should do.

Matthew 6:33, but seek first His Kingdom, and you did and now by posting your sisters in Christ all over the world are joining you in prayer.

Mama Ohs said...

I am so glad that you posted this! I don't know you, but you sound exactly like me. I know this sounds crazy, but I felt as if I knew you. I will be reading your blog from now on and lifting you and your family up in prayer. We are to bear one anothers burdens, and I will share this one with you. Sisters in Christ praying for one another is a powerful tool!