Saturday, March 1, 2008

What's on my desk tag

Celly B over at Busy at Home has tagged me to show what's on my desk. Unfortunately right at this moment I can't take a picture of said desk because camera batteries are dead and I haven't updated my new computer with my camera software anyway. (Note to self... put this on your to do list for this week :) )

But... I will be happy to tell you what is on my desk and maybe a picture will follow later this week.

I am very excited to actually have a new desk. Up until about 2 months ago, I was sharing my husband's desk and computer. I had a computer in my craft room, but it was basically a lemon from the day we bought it, so I always used my husband's... much to his frustration I might add.

Anyway, we finally "decorated" our bonus room, which is where the kids have their video games, TV, etc. And it is the official home of my new office. I have a black armoire type desk so I can close the doors to hide the mess.

Right now on my desk is my new Apple Computer... Yaay! I have only had it about a week and a half and I'm still learning how to use it. I have actually signed up for One to One training at the Apple store and have attended my first two workshops. Just wait until a year from now and come back to check out my mad computer skills. BTW... Boo Mama's link to iLife a while back and my friend Carol at Sheep the Right who just got a Mac too finally pushed me over the edge. Now Carol and I can iChat if I ever get mine set up.

Also, there is a picture frame... which doesn't have a picture in it yet. I can't seem to get around to printing my pictures. There is a pile of office supplies I just purchased but haven't organized yet... a box of file folders, a pack of copy paper, 8 small legal pads, a pack of sticker paper, and some font software.  The empty apple printer box is also where a CPU tower would normally stand. I really do love office supplies and having things organized... and I have all of these grand ideas of getting everything into it's own place... but alas, somehow it never happens and things just end up sitting in piles.  BTW... I also have a thing for picture frames and buy tons of them... but somehow they never end up with pics in them. I'll save more on this topic for a post on another day.

My Bible and my Commentary is also on my desk at the moment... but it usually travels around the house.
In addition, there is a Kelly barbie doll, a Hello Kitty note from my daughter and the Wii remote.

Maybe one day I will actually get it all organized...but I don't think it's going to be today.

I'm supposed to tag 5 people I think... so I tag
Stephanie at Notes from the Soul


Celly B said...

Thanks for playing, Amy! Your new desk sounds beautiful, and your new computer sounds exciting! My sister just got a Mac notebook computer, and she's enjoying it.

Kimberly said...

What a fun idea to see where everyone does their bloggin' stuff!
Sadly, I have no desk! We bought a laptop cause we have no room in our home for a desk. So my computer and I go all over the house with a little lap "desk". :) It really is nice. I love being able to work in bed or on the couch or in the kitchen.
Have a super weekend!

DeAnna said...

I don't even want to go there! I can't even SEE the top of my desk for all of the files and bills that are both personal and business related. It seems that the minute it gets cleared off and I think that it might stay organized someone will come along and put 20 more things on top of it. UUUGGGHHHH!!!! Such is life. I guess I won't sweat the small things.