Friday, March 7, 2008

Update on Spencer/Experiencing my Amazing God

For those of you checking in today to see how Spencer is... PTL he is fine. He came home from the hospital yesterday morning and just hung out on the couch most of the day. He is a little groggy from the medication increase but he returned to school today. Thanks for all of your support and emails and prayers!!  And please keep praying for him. We haven't given up on complete healing.

I also wanted to share that God completely overwhelms me at times. It is truly amazing how He speaks to us through all kinds of things.  As Henry Blackaby says in Experiencing God, "He speaks to us through the Bible, prayer, circumstances and the church to reveal Himself, His purposes, and His ways."

You won't even believe it if I told you how He spoke to me yesterday. For those of you who wonder if God can speak to you through a blog post... check out this one from my friend Carol at Sheep to the Right.  And... check out this one from me just so you know what my state of mind was yesterday morning. Then you will understand why this post meant so much.

Anyone who knows Carol and me won't believe that we didn't talk to each other prior to these post...but we didn't. When we finally spoke on the phone, we were both amazed and in shock.  Though we shouldn't be. That is just the way God works. He will use anyone who is willing to be used by Him.  Read here to learn more about what happened.

God speaks to us through songs sometimes too. I will be posting more on this soon with a fun new meme to come.

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Cheri said...

There is peace in your heart. I can sense the change from yesterday. Isn't God an amazing God....

Michelle said...

So glad to hear Spencer is doing better. I am keeping him in my prayers. The story on Carol's blog is beautiful. It is amazing the many ways God speaks to us. The Ultimate Blog Party looks fun.

ocean mommy said...

Oh Girl! I'm rejoicing with you and Carol this is just the most awesome thing. I love it when God works like this.

Celly B said...

Oh, Amy! I just read your post from March 6 and am so sorry I didn't check in earlier!
I am so relieved, though, that Spencer is back from the hospital and that God was able to speak to you through a friend via technology.
I will continue to pray for your family.

Jenifer said...

Hey, Amy. I just read your post about Spencer. Isn't God just so incredible to tug at our hearts and prepare us for what's coming. My 8 year old daughter had seizures for 2 1/2 years starting at the age of 2. She had had several before we witnessed one. I will never forget that night. God brought her to our bed during the middle of the night. Early that morning, I awoke with a sense that something wasn't just right. She was laying right beside me seizing. I won't go into the whole story; it would take up too much space. But, I remember thinking about the happenings of that morning later on. If God had not brought her to our room that night it would have been several more hours before I would have gone to get her up for the day. I can't even and don't even want to imagine what might have happened. Our God is so good and He is working all things for His glory. So glad that Spencer is better. I am praying for all of you.

Much love,

Unknown said...

PTL indeed! I just happened to check one of my email accounts and got an email from a blogger whose scrapbooking site I visited some time before, and thru her email I found out about this Friday night bloggers party. I don't have a blog (yet) but decided to "socialize" a little and see who all is out there. Wow, it's such joy to find other believers who really love Jesus and are not ashamed of the Gospel and who have boldness and faith that comes from trusting Him and His Word.
I will visit again , but I just want to let you know that I will pray for your little guy and join you and your family in faith that he is completely healed and whole.

MaryLu said...

I'm so glad Spencer is doing better.
God certainly works in amazing ways doesn't he? God has "tuned me in" to something goind wrong with my children.
Keeping you guys in prayer.

Missy said...

Oh, Amy, I am so overwhelmed and weepy now. This was BEAUTIFUL. I think I might have to talk about this on my blog. So beautiful.


Praying for your sweet Spencer. But what a testimony that he has your Sparrow in his hand!!!

xo Missy

Jenny said...

I'm glad Spencer is doing better and you too! I did hop over on your friends site and that is amazing!

Have a great weekend!

Sita said...

His aroma emanates so beautifully from you. Got here from "SHeep to the Right' and immediately referred your blog to a friend whose daughter has been sick for about 2 years now with a heart condition. I see the toll it takes. Amy, I rejoice with you and hurt with you.

Chaotic Joy said...

Hey Amy. I haven't been by your place this week and I am so sorry to hear what a rough time you have had and so happy to hear of God's faithfulness. I will be keeping Spencer in my prayers. Please let me know if there is anything we can do for you.