Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The King's Highway

When I was growing up, I lived in the house with my grandmother and my great-grandparents. They were “old-timey” Christians you might say. They took me to church from the time I was born. I remember an 8 track tape player that sat at the end of the couch on an end table. My grandmother would play gospel music all the time.

Great gospel classics like: Because He Lives, He Touched Me, Old Time Religion, What a Friend We Have In Jesus, Turn Your Radio On, His Name Is Wonderful… I could go on and on listing them. (BTW, if you don’t know, and are interested in what some of these songs sound like… go here to hear excerpts.)

As a matter of fact, not long ago, my friend Janet and I spent hours just talking about how much we loved the old music we grew up listening to. We took turns coming up with these awesome songs and laughing about how much fun it was to go to a “singin’” or a “tent revival.”

I am so thankful for those seeds being planted in my life at an early age. The words to those songs are incredible. My Father in Law and I drive our family crazy if we are ever flipping channels together and the Gaithers are on TV because if they are… that’s the channel we stop on. I usually know all the words which surprises some because it’s not really music from my generation.

Anyway, several of these songs have been on my mind lately. One is Hallelujah Square which I thought about when I posted on Spencer’s seizure a few days ago. The other is The King’s Highway.

I was reading my Bible and came across this:

Isaiah 35: 8-10 (NIV)
And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness.

The unclean will not journey on it; it will be for those who walk in that Way;
wicked fools will not go about on it. No lion will be there, nor will any ferocious beast get up on it; they will not be found there.
But only the redeemed will walk there, and the ransomed of the LORD will return. They will enter Zion with singing; everlasting joy will crown their heads.
Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away.

I like the way The Message puts it too:
There will be a highway called the Holy Road. No one rude or rebellious is permitted on this road. It's for God's people exclusively— impossible to get lost on this road. Not even fools can get lost on it. No lions on this road, no dangerous wild animals—Nothing and no one dangerous or threatening. Only the redeemed will walk on it. The people God has ransomed will come back on this road. They'll sing as they make their way home to Zion, unfading halos of joy encircling their heads, Welcomed home with gifts of joy and gladness as all sorrows and sighs scurry into the night.

The NIV Life Application Bible says “This highway, the “Way of Holiness” is the way that righteous pilgrims will take from the desert of suffering to Zion. It is found only by following God. Only the redeemed will travel God’s highway; they will be protected from wicked travelers and harmful animals. God is preparing a way for His people to travel to His home, and He will walk with us. God never stops at simply pointing the way; he is always beside us as we go.”

God is walking on our road with us, protecting us, leading us to His heavenly home He is preparing for us. And when we finally arrive, there will be no more sorrows, no more tears, no more pain…only singing and joy.

I don’t know about you… but I am walking up the King’s Highway. Don’t you want to join me?

Doesn't this remind you of what it will be like in Heaven one day, when we are all in white washed clean by the Blood of the Lamb, praising and singing to Him for eternity.

Thank you Lord for not just pointing the way, but walking with me on the Way of Holiness... The King's Highway.


Janet Roller said...

I LOVE IT! Thanks for being such an encouragement to me. Check out my post today.

Cheri said...

I got goose bumps as I read Isaiah 35:8-10. What a great passage of scripture. It always amazes me when I see a new verse I had not noticed before. The love just keeps coming!

God's girl said...

That is beautiful.

Carol said...

Now that what I'm talking about. Good ole' hand raisin', hallelujah shoutin' music! I'm with you on the King's Highway girl!

Kimberly said...

Girl, you are gonna start revival right here on your blog!!!!
You bless me! :)

Jenny said...

Great post! My husband is like that his parents are a little older, he was a surprise baby. So they might be about your grandparents age, anyway, he grew up listening to the old classic songs and he loves when he finds a station!

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh I can so relate to you and the old time gospel songs :0) I too get people thinking I'm too young to remember...but I do! I even taught them to the preschool choir one year at my old church :0) AND I absolutely agree with you...heaven will be one big gospel choir celebration EXACTLY like you put here via youtube :) I LOVE it...!!!! I hope it's o.k., I added Spencer to my prayer list...Blessings to you, I'm so glad I found your blog!!!

DeAnna said...

Great post! I loved the video clip. That's the kind of church service I LOVE to attend.

Jenifer said...

Sister, I am right there with you. What a glorious day it will be when I see my Jesus face-to-face. Makes me want to shout HALLELUJAH!!!!!!! GLORY TO GOD!!!! Come, Jesus, Come!!!!!!!!!

Many blessings,

p.s. I shared your story with my aunt. I'm praying she will be in touch with you. Thanks!!

elizabeth embracing life said...

Because He Lives-->I can face tomorrow, because he lives...,

He Touched Me-->Oh...He touched me, and oh the joy that fills my soul. Something happened and now I know..,

What a Friend We Have In Jesus-->All our sins and griefs to bear, what a priveledge to carry, everything to God in prayer,

Turn Your Radio On-->oh yes oh yes

His Name Is Wonderful…

Okay I seriously had to indulge you. All my favorties. And so much more. I too love the Gaithers and know all thier songs by heart. Waht a gift we were given.