Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Trying to catch up

I know I said in my last post that I would tag someone soon, but everyone I know that blogs has already been tagged, so maybe as my blog world expands, I will tag someone else.

It's been awhile since I posted, but things are still as busy as ever. I took a quick unexpected trip to Los Angeles this past weekend to speak at an Epilepsy Advocate event. They called on Monday of last week to see if I was available. Even though I had originally planned to be home and catch up on laundry, cleaning and writing, I agreed to go. I flew out on Friday and back on Sunday. The turnout for the program was great. I got to spend some time just relaxing and catching up on Bible Study without interruption in the hotel on Saturday after I spoke. There is nothing like a good bubble bath and nap with no interruptions to rest the body and the soul. Hopefully this week I can catch up on all of that other stuff - including blogging.

Halloween was fun for our family. Greg's parents came to visit and went to Mary Lyndsey and Spencer's schools to tell stories. The kids loved it. The kids also dressed up for favorite book character day at school on Wednesday and then we all dressed up a familly on Wednesday night to go to the church carnival and trick-or-treating. Pictures are below. The kids were adorable I thought, even if I do say so myself. Our family also won the costume contest in our neighborhood. I still can't believe I conned Greg into dressing up. Miracles never cease.

Mary Lyndsey and Spencer as Gigi - God's Little Princess and Will - God's Mighty Warrior

Our family as the Wizard of Oz. Mary Lyndsey loved her red ruby slippers.

More to come later once I have caught up on some things.