Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mary Lyndsey's First Day

I know I haven't posted in what seems like forever, but in my defense, we've been a little busy! (Just the usual for the Wyatt's)

Mary Lyndsey started Pre-K this year. Her birthday is September 30, so she just barely misses the Sept. 1 cut off to start Kindergarten. She is in a 4K class but will turn five in just a few weeks. I can hardly believe she will be five! We are busy planning a ballerina birthday party and I found the coolest ballet slipper invitations at Target today!
Here she is on the first day of school looking all grown up! She was very exited about a lady bug she found on the flowers, so I could hardly get her to look at the camera.

Spencer started back in Occupational and Physical Therapy this week and he also started Tae Kwon Do lessons back. In addition to that, Mary Lyndsey started back in tap and ballet and I started teaching Bible Study again this semester.  And... Awana has started back. We are finally back into the full swing of things. I was hoping to have more time to blog once the kids both started back to school, but it certainly hasn't happened this week.

Just wanted to post a quick update about what we've been up to. 

I hope to be back tomorrow, but if not, look for TSMS on Saturday! It's almost time for the great music give away!

Blessings to you,


skoots1mom said...

so precious...i have pics from each new year of my daughter, too

she threatened me with bodily harm if i followed her to the bus this year, her junior year. So, our first year with no pic!

ocean mommy said...

She reminds me of Chloe in our front yard her first day of K3...I LOVED that day.

Praying that you are all settling into your routine!


Andrea said...

How adorable! She is as old as my middle son (will be 5 in January). Maybe we could arrange dates when they're older, you know like when they're 30 or so :-)

Are you teaching any particular author's study or doing your own? Always curious to see what people are doing!!

See ya on Saturday :-)

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

How adorably cute! We are getting back into the swing too! I have one who just turned five a few days ago too!
Much love,

Wifeof1Momof4 said...

Yeah Mary Lyndsey! She looks so grown up and ready to go! These first two weeks of school have been busy around here too .. many more items have been added to our calendars with the new school year, so it will be interesting.

Carol said...

She looks so cute!

Kimberly said...

Wow. I'm worn out just reading about it all! :)

Back to school really is a busy time! That first week I had no time for blogging! Lauren and I are getting into more of a routine now, though, with her big sisters both at school.

Isn't kindergarten just so much fun! I love all of the fun ways they get to learn!

Blessings to both of your sweeties in their new school year!!! Love the sweet, sweet pictures!

(P.S. Make time for Heroes, okay? :) It's starting up soon!)

Runner Mom said...

She looks adorable! Hope that she coninues to enjoy school!

It's harder than we think when school rolls around! Once more, a schedule! Sometimes that can be a good thing!

Enjoy your weekend!

Sue Cramer said...

There's nothing like the first day of school! Adorable pictures!

Christina said...

I'm having the trouble finding time to blog too. I guess this time of year is busy for all parents.

Your daughter looked beautiful for her first day. How exciting.

I'll bet the ballerina party will be a big hit. I am so envious, because you spoke about finding the ballet slippers at Target, and we don't have a Target yet, but Feb. 2009 one is opening up right down the street from me here in Honolulu. I'm so excited just to hear you mention the name "Target."

A Stone Gatherer said...

What a big step and she does look so grown up! doesn't it just break your heart, they grow up so fast!! My son's birthday is September 30th too, he'll be 12!