Sunday, September 14, 2008

And the Winners are...

I know I should learn to do that random number integer thing in order to do give aways and I promise I will try to learn how it works in the future, but for today, I did it the old fashioned way.

For the last three weeks, if you signed up with Mr. Linky and wrote a TSMS post, I wrote your name on a little slip of paper and put it in a bowl. If you left a comment on my TSMS post, I wrote your name on a little slip of paper and put in the same bowl. If you wrote an extra post telling about TSMS and sent me an email to let me know you did, I wrote your name on a little slip of paper and put it in the bowl. If you sent me an email and told me you had the TSMS button on your side bar or if I saw it there when I visited your site, I put your name on a little slip of paper and put it in the bowl.... I've had a lot of little slips of paper floating around. LOL

I promise they all made it into the drawing. Some of you are in there 8 times!

I know that was probably the hard way to do it, but you are talking (blogging with) the girl who until recently still did cut and paste with scissors and glue :-)

Just a few minutes ago, once I was sure everyone was in I drew the names for the CD winners from all the little slips of paper in the bowl.

I know you are excited to find out who the winners of the CD giveaway are so...

The winner of the Chris Tomlin Hello Love CD is Sita at Sita's Sanctum.

The winner of the Selah Greatest Hymns CD is Andrea at Mommy Snacks

The winner of the Natalie Grant Awaken CD is Peggy at Mazes, Messes, Miracles and aMazing Grace.

The winner of the Stephen Curtis Chapman Greatest Hits CD is Cathy at Melodies and Hymnsongs.

The winner of the Selah Hiding Place CD is Earthmommy at Shores End
If you all will email me with your mailing address I will send on your CD's as soon as I receive them.
Hope you have a blessed week!


Peggy said...

Yeaeeaeaeeaeae THANK YOU LORD and
Thanks Amy! I waited up just to see
the bigggggggg drawing!!! I counted my chances, I visited more TSMSS, my eyes were really getting tired and I think I'm getting a cold or sinus problem, but I am AWAKENED....oh, I love Natalie Grant and she sponsors a Foundation near & dear to my mission to come as the Lord enables & opens!
I was singing her AWAKEN from your 1st video...of course all of your CDs would have been a major delight because I do not get a chance to get new CDs in English! I was so happy for all the others, but when
I saw my little ole name...I was leaping, dancing,...good old fashioned way (love it)! THANKS AMY! I can go to sleep now! Maybe not...I never been this excited, anticipating a drawing...what are
the chances...I just counted your blog list (81???)WOW!!!Awesome!
I'll be mailing ya' right after church tomorrow...maybe before!
Thank you so much! Thank you!

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

I would have loved to win one of these CD's, but didn't find your blog in time to enter! Oh well, I'm still glad to have found it now! (You don't have to publish this comment!)

Cathy said...

Oh, Amy, Thank you so much. As a musician, that is the perfect CD for me, because I don't have any of his music! And I definitely need some. I am very excited, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Debra said...

Congratulations to everyone!

Sita said...

TSMS actually introduced me to Chris Tomlin on YouTube and His voice just connects my spirit in worship immediately. I never thought I'd win anything, but if I did, I sure was hoping it would be Chris Tomlin. Thank you so much!

I've just come back home from a surprise 50th party for my hubby where he was honored with blessings of Scripture.

SO it was a special night all around.
Sorry to hear about Spencer. You know what, God has extra special confidence in families in which a child has a chronic condition. Still I persist to pray that God would heal Spencer for His renown. May God give you all that is needed to persevere.
Love, Sita

Andrea said...

Thanks Amy! I am so excited to get this cd. I appreciate you hosting TSMS! It's a blessing to so many :-)