Sunday, September 7, 2008

In the News

A few weeks ago a reporter came to our house and interviewed us about receiving our Canine Assistance dog Lucia. I think he had seen our press conference when we went to Chicago back in April and realized we lived in Gwinnett county, so he contacted us to do an article for the Community section. I wasn't sure exactly when it was going to run... but this morning I opened up the paper to find this...

It was a great article. Thanks Alex! If you would like to read the entire article... click here.
Sweet Blessings,


Runner Mom said...

Oh, Amy! What a great article! I didn't realize what all y'all had been through. But wow! How awesome is our God who answered your prayers when Spencer was so sick! I just lift up your family and Lucia to the Lord!! Blessings, my sweet friend!

Cheryl said...


What an awesome article. I pray that Spencer had a seizure-free weekend!

I've seen my sister have 2 seizures, and they are scary, but NOTHING like what you are dealing with. One seizure is too many. How do people deal with difficult things in life without God?

Continuing to pray for all seizures to stop.

Also, I've written my post today for TSMSS.

Have a great week!

Carol said...

The article was precious! Just like Spencer!

Peggy said...

Oh Amy & Spencer this is aMazing! Super! What an blessing this article!
I'm so thankful that people are being made aware of Epilepsy but more, your little hero. Spencer is so precious!
And a fine companion! Now if he remains seizure free, you will rest easier. I'm praying Lucia is keenly in tune and that you all are more in tune with her alerting you!
Bless you all as you bless us with your awesome family the Wyatts!!!