Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Have your kids every totally embarrassed you with their comments? I know mine have from time to time. I often tell people I hold my breath when Spencer talks, because I never know what is coming. And he talks a lot. It's a wonder I haven't passed out by now :-)

Not long ago, someone asked him what his daddy did for a living. His response - "he sells drugs". (My husband is a pharmaceutical sales manager) He then added... "he manages other people who sell drugs too so they can make a lot of money." So glad their wasn't a cop around on that one :-)

His answer went along great with the next question they asked which was - what do you want to be when you grow up? His response - "a movie star, a scientist or a preacher. I haven't decided because God hasn't told me what He wants me to be yet."

I thought about all the funny things my kids say and the questions they come up with. Tonight's questions from Spencer and Mary Lyndsey included...

Is God bigger than our house?
Does Jesus ever stand up or does He just sit on His throne all day?
Does Satan have red teeth?
Are there some pigs who can really fly like flying fish or flying squirrels or do just birds fly?
Does God ever get tired?

And those were just while we were getting ready for bed. I need to write every question down for few days. I bet I could fill up a notebook very quickly.

I was chuckling to myself about their funny comments and remembered the show "Kids Say the Darndest Things." I went searching on You Tube and found this clip. If you need a good laugh, it's worth watching the full 7 minutes! Enjoy!

Wishing you a laughter filled day.

Sweet Blessings,


skoots1mom said...

what a joy...Spencer and Art...
definitely put a : ) on my face!

Kimberly said...

hee hee!
Too funny! You had me laughing out loud! Thanks, Amy! :)

Becoming Me said...

Those were sooo funny. Spencer is a riot!

Christina said...

That was hysterical. I think you could write a book with all the little phrases and questions they come up with. I had to laugh though with my dad sells drugs and he manages other people who sell drugs so they can make lot's of money. Oh and does Satan have red teeth? Who knows.

Darlene said...

Love the questions. You'll have to answer them for me. LOL

ocean mommy said...

That is so daddy sells drugs... priceless. :)

Hope you are all well and RESTING!!


Peggy said...

Blessings Amy...

I am so thankful that I have come to know you and share Jesus & songs together.

Please come and visit me so I can honor that closeness & friendship:

It's Fri. 9-19 post!
Your kids are priceless! And what they say flows from their beautiful
legacy from their parents to them!
They and you are rich in blessings & favor from Our Lord! Laughter is
good medicine for the soul and weary spirit! Enjoy the laughter!

Debra said...


they doo indeed make you :)

This past weekend my sister visited and we took my nephews out on the boat. At lunch time we pulled up to a "tiki bar" out on the lake to get something to eat. I stayed on the boat with the boys because the atmosphere is not too family friendly if you know what I mean. My little nephew kept shouting out to his parents "I want a HORN DOG, instead of a CORN DOG"...shouting...everyone heard. The more I tried to correct this two year old, the more he yelled it. I almost jumped in the water...something about the alligators in the weeds kept me from doing so but it came real close!

Blessings to you today. This was delightful!

Michele Williams said...

So funny! I remember watching the show too! I'm going to show this video on my blog Monday. I love it. Thank you for sharing.

I am so sorry to hear your son was in the hospital again. We will continue to pray for a cure!

Take care my friend.

Sita said...

That video was priceless...aren't our kids precious?

Laurie Ann said...

What a joy to watch that video! I loved it!

And your little ones sound so cute! I bet there's never a dull moment at your house. Kristyn kept us on pins and needles, too. Once, out of the blue, she told her mother that she had to put a sign up on her door to keep Pa-Paw out of her room at night. Well, Pa-Paw worked all day, so he was only home at night. And she had just learned how to write.....Made him sound awful. Luckily, she "knew" Kristyn!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I love all the funny things kids say!

Janet Roller said...

SOOOOOOOO funny! If only that show still ran! Spencer and ML would be perfect!