Monday, September 1, 2008

Faith Lifts - Are You Laboring Today?

Today many are celebrating Labor Day and enjoying a day off from their normal work week. Some have been looking forward to this long holiday weekend, because it provides an opportunity for rest, and rest is what many are seeking. But they are also seeking a full life, which is why they labor so hard. 

To read the rest of this devotion, come join me at Faith Lifts today!

Have a restful Labor Day!

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Peggy said...

Hey my precious sister & friend Amy,

I'm hoping that I see you over at my new Meme...and post & linky a post of yours as an Epilepsy Advocate! I know that you have a busy schedule but just link one of your previous post!

I was looking for one! I know this is presumptuous of me to believe that YOUR MISSION is this but its ONE that needs to be a focus and receive attention! I know much is happening but I'll go read your Faith Lifts in hopes that you'll consider. If you can't now, I'll expect to see you soon like next
Monday! May God bless & protect you and yours!