Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's Going On

I can't believe we survived yesterday. Both kids had well checks and needed shots and Spencer had two teeth removed. We ended up in dentist and doctor's offices from 9:30am until 3:30pm. Not a fun day for anyone... but we celebrated with ice cream (except for me... I'm still trying to diet).

Last night was end of the year Awana/Cubbie parties and awards. I'm so proud of the kids. They both finished their books and will receive awards. Spencer has memorized three books of scriptures over the past three years and will receive the Sparks plaque, and Mary Lyndsey just started Cubbies this year but learned 36 verses over the year. I certainly hope "hiding the word in their heart" will pay off. I know it will.

Several people have commented or emailed me and asked about the ABC's on Tuesday's post and the Psalms on my 100th post. I wrote the ABC's myself, and I came up with it as the first word I thought of with each letter of the alphabet. You most certainly have my permission to print or copy it for yourself. (If it is for something more formal, please give credit :) ). I am working on finding scripture references for each one and will post it again when I do. Also the Psalms just came from going through each psalm in order and writing down what it says about God. They are in exact order. I am studying the book of Psalms right now and it is so encouraging!

Just a reminder... my give away's on my 100th post are for Monday. If you haven't commented for your chance to win... go back and do so. You might win a great prize!

I hope to be back to post again today.


Janet Roller said...

Great post. I don't know how you fit it all in. I love the ABC's and the 100 Psalms. Thanks for the reminder that there is something to know about God in every chapter! Great job. Talk to you today.

ocean mommy said...

I can relate to the Dentist drama! We went in to our favorite Dentist a couple of weeks ago (in Chattanooga) for a cleaning, Chloe came out minus a tooth and some other work with orders to find an orthodontist...FAST!!! So much fun. :)

Hope today is a good one!


Kimberly said...

How exciting that they have learned so much scripture! God promises that His Word will not return to Him void, but will accomplish what He pleases! How exciting to think of all He is doing in their hearts through His Word!!!


elizabeth embracing life said...

Great job kiddies with the Awana's achievements. My first two went through the same program and I loved having them work so hard in the memorizations.

Christina said...

Boy that must of been one long day. Glad to hear it's over.