Friday, May 23, 2008

Then Sings My Soul Saturday - We are all in this Together

Amy is away this weekend speaking at the Extreme Spiritual Makeover Conference being held by the Cliffside Baptist Church in North Carolina. The plan was for Amy to take our laptop computer with the Verizon Wireless internet card with her to North Carolina and do her post late Friday night. Unfortunately, the cell phone coverage in the woods of North Carolina is not strong enough to connect to the internet so I have the pleasure, no the honor, of "legally hijacking" Signs, Miracles, and Wonders for the first time.

This week's song is from High School Muscial and is "We are all in this Together."

I am sure that many Mothers out there in bloggy land wonder what happens at home when Mom is away for the weekend and Dad has the children at home alone. Well, watch the video below and cue up the HSM soundtrack. Most of the time there is a celebration and party going on but the celebration usually doesn't start until Mom makes it back home.

I love my children and I truly cherish my quality and quanity time with them but being "Mom" is hard. I took Spencer to school this morning, went back to his school for Field Day, had to hunt for 30 minutes for his lunch because he lost it in all the excitement, then realized I should have had a change of clothes for him since he was soaked from the water events, then had to make a trip to Burger King for more food because he did not have enough time to eat the lunch, then Spencer and I had to go pick up Mary Lyndsey, changed the movie on the DVD player twice, got her from a friend's house, then had to go back to Burger King because Mary Lyndsey didn't get an ICEE, then back home for snacks, television, kids rough housing in the front yard, changing of clothes 2 more times because somehow the kids got wet again, had to fix Spencer a grilled cheese, Mary Lyndsey a pannycake, and then I had to eat, clean up wash the dishes, etc. You get the picture of how my day went. Most men would consider anyone of these many activities as a full day's work but you know what, It was a probably a pretty slow day for any Mom, can you hear Anita Renfro warming up in the background, and so the celebration actually starts when Mom is back home.

We are all in this together and we are supportive of Amy being able to share our families life experience, the hope, and good news that Christ has for all. It is so exciting to watch God's plan work and see how busy she has become between the speaking efforts for the Epilepsy Community and to see God use those experiences to prepare her to speak more often to Ladies groups at Churches. In the past 30 days, she has spoke at 3 different churches while maintaining a busy speaking schedule for Epilepsy LIVE Events.

Amy, the bottom line, is that we want you to know that "We are all in this Together."


Addicted to Beadz said...

What a Great Dad and Helper! That seems like a BUSY day! Thanks for standing in for Amy!

Kelley said...

Thanks Amy for being so faithful with this forum, it is a great ministry! And thanks to your sweet husband for running everything while you are gone! I will pray for you as you are spreading God's message this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping this going even when it is not easy. It is great to see a Dad step in and help out! My husband has a weekend like this coming up!! I know he will do great.
Prayers for safe travels home!

ocean mommy said...


I know your support to keep home going while she is gone means so much to her.

And you're was a pretty slow day!!! Just kidding!


Susan said...

Thanks Dad for stepping up to the plate!! I really appreciate a man who appreciates his woman!!!

This was a precious post, and a perfect song!!

Amy, hope you are having a great time away, but hurry home, you have some people that miss and NEED you!!

Happy Memorial Day!

LAURIE said...

What a blessing that you will stand in for Amy while she is away. She blesses all of us all of the time in the bloggy world! -blessings, Laurie

Melissa in Mel's World said...

Bravo Dad!!! You are one brave man and also one very blessed dad! What a perfect match God put together in you and Amy!

Thanks for keeping it going today in Amy's absence...we really appreciate it!

Melissa in Mel's World

Peggy said...

Way to Go, Amy...TSMSS worked...ya
done good! I pray the women at the conference are receptive by the Holy Spirit and blessed by Carol and you! May God be with you!

Being in Mexico, I missed on on High School Musical I& II until just this past spring though it'd been big here also. I guess I was just out of it. But I met a precious heart for God, preteen, named Micah and she so wanted there music. So I downloaded the movie and the music to bless her.
Her parents are the best YWAM directors at the base here and she deserved a special gift!

Dads, moms & kids in this together!
Great post and connection! Again,
be blessed and blessings pour back to you...cuz We're all in this Together". Peggy BTW..I still have the music on my laptop from HSM! I guess you inspired me to listen to it again, especially if I loose internet again!

Kimberly said...

Funny, we are watching HSM2 right now! :)
Thanks for holding down the fort while your sweet Amy is away! (I just love her!)
And thanks for the great post and song! :)

Praying for Amy as she speaks and for you guys as you eagerly await her return!

Liza on Maui said...

First time I've seen this. Thanks for sharing.

Wifeof1Momof4 said...

You are soooo good! Good job! You never realize until you put it on paper. *SMILE*

Sita said...

Hi Amy, thanks for stopping by. Just learnt how to do this. Added your link afterwards to a post above the song. Hope my American sisters had a wonderful weekend. It is finally warm and sunny here today in Toronto. Blessings. (Adding your blog to my list of blogs that bless.)

Carlie Faulk said...

Thanks Amy for the warm welcome :) I love music so it's a perfect meme for me. Keep up the great work!

Melanie said...

What a great post, Dad! Amy is so very lucky to have you as her husband and your children as their Daddy! Every wife needs a husband as supportive as you are and I think it a terrific example that is set for the kids.

Have a great week!

DeAnna said...

Way to go, Greg!!! I know that Amy is so proud and blessed to have a hubby like you to keep "holding down the fort" while she is off doing what God has called her to do. And, yes, it was just a normal, typical day in the life of a mom.

Shari said...

What an awesome husband you are Greg. I just love how your family works together and supports each other. This is a perfect song and my daughters would agree. They play the High School Musical Concert DVD over and over and over. I'm glad that you joined in this week and we got to see what you had to say.