Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Learning my ABC's

Yesterday was a rough day. You know the kind when you get to the end of it, and you are disappointed at all the times you messed up. I tucked my little ones in bed last night and realized I had not been a very good Mommy the day after Mother's Day. I had lost patience easily, yelled, and not spent any time enjoying the wonder of God's world with them. And... I had not accomplished anything on my to do list anyway. I felt like nothing I did yesterday was of eternal value.

I barely made it through the day, and I know it's because I tried to do it on my own. As I prayed with the kids on the way to school today, I apologized to them for my behavior yesterday. I admitted I messed up to them and to God, and asked for a chance to do better today. Just like God always is, my kids were ready to forgive. They were encouraging and said things like "It's alright Mommy, we still love you. You are the best mommy ever."

Mary Lyndsey has been on an "ABC" kick lately, singing the song all the time. She wants her brother to read to her everyday. He keeps telling her if she would learn her ABC's, she could read a book and understand it by herself. She wouldn't need his help. He explains to her that's how she can do a good job reading... to learn her ABC's. She is doing pretty good and can write every letter and knows each one's sound. She sings the song over and over along with the A Beka sound song "Alexander Alligator, Alexander Alligator, A says a, a, a, a...."

When I apologized to her this morning she said, "That's OK Mommy, you just need to learn your ABC's, and then you can do a good job being a mommy all by yourself." She is so right. I need to learn my ABC's. Then I can do the things God has called me to do, only not on my own or by myself, but with God's help.

I need your armor and your anointing on my life.
I need your boldness and your blessing.
I need your compassion and your caring.
I need your deliverance and your discipline.
I need your encouragement and evidence of you.
I need more faith and the freedom only you can give.
I need your goodness and your guidance.
I need your help and your holiness .
I need your inspiration.
I need your justification and your joy.
I need your knowledge.
I need your love and your leading.
I need your mercy and your miracles.
I need you to meet my needs.
I need to learn obedience.
I need your patience and your peace.
I need to be quiet and still and know that you are God.
I need your renewal.
I need your salvation.
I need to trust more.
I need your understanding.
I need your victory.
I need wisdom to know your will.
I need you to X out my transgressions and I need an extra measure of your grace.
I need your yoke because mine is too hard and too heavy.
And I want to be consumed with zeal for you.
Lord, forgive me for the times I try to be in control and do things on my own. Help me to yield everything to you.


Michelle said...

We all have those horrible days when we are not the mom/woman we want to be and know we should be. It's wonderful to show your kids you can learn from mistakes when you seek the Lord's guidance and forgiveness. Great leason in the ABC's of faith for us all. I often need the reminder to quit trying to do it on my own. Thanks. Have a blessed day.

Melanie said...

Amy, I love this.. the ABCs for following God. What a great way to remember.

Deirdre said...

How beautiful. thank you for your vulnerability and willingness to share it with us. this might not make sense, but as someone who wants to be a mommy I am sometimes overwhelmed with the ideal of "doing it right" and it so helps to read posts like this from a REAL mom. and a REAL Christian.

Cheri said...

This is so beautiful. Kids are great!

In the words of our friend Carol,

Just do your best!!

Carol said...

Amy, that was sooo awesome! I am so impressed with you! I need to print that out and post it up somewhere. I loved it! :)

ocean mommy said...

(Standing up to type this)

Hallelujah!! and Amen. :)

Girl...that just lit me up today....do you mind if I copy that to print out for our "schoolroom" WOW that is awesome...

DeAnna said...

Boy, do we all have those days!!! I love your ABC's. And, I love the new look of the blog.

Kimberly said...

Oh, Amy!
That is simply beautiful!
And we do indeed all have days like that! Aren't you just so glad that His grace really is enough?

Love you tons! And I think you really ARE a terrific mom...look at how you went to your kids and apologized and prayed. They will never be perfect, and you are teaching them the godly way to deal with their imperfections. I think that is wonderful! :)

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, you will have many days like that as a mom. Thanks for the encouragement of the ABC's. I am taking it to work. Sending a hug your way, Liz

Jenifer said...

Lovin' me some ABC's! That is awesome!!


Anonymous said...

I love your ABCs!

elizabeth embracing life said...

It's so hard to be the best mommy every single day. The ABC's is great. Now add some music and we can all be learning it together. Great job!

Joanne@ Blessed... said...

Beautiful Amy, just beautiful!

Christina said...

That was neat. I am going to print out the ABC's.

Sita said...

I got this quote to add...
"In regards to his statement that success is as easy as A B C...
here is the reason...
"You are "A" child of God.
You will "B" successful
when you "C" what He sees in you."
"A B C"
(…..Copyright 2007 Bob Perks)