Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Six Quirky Things About Me

Marybeth at Cheaper by the Half Dozen has a post about 6 quirky things about her and asked anyone interested to play along. So here goes.

1. I can only sleep in a bed if the covers are completely straight and tucked in at the bottom.
2. I take my pillow everywhere because it is flat. If a pillow is too high, it gives me a terrible headache. My pillow goes on every trip I take.
3. I have an ongoing list in my head all the time that I am constantly checking off, even silly everyday things - and I usually have a written list of things too. Sometimes I will write something down on the list that is already completed just to have the satisfaction of checking it off.
4. I will not let my husband or my children off the phone or out of the house without saying "I love you" before they hang up or leave.
5. I unplug my iron and curling iron and turn off my clothes dryer even though they all have automatic shut offs - and I am obsessive about checking to see if they are off/unplugged before leaving my home or going to sleep at night.
6. I cannot let a phone ring without answering it which drive my husband crazy.

So I admit, they may not be so much quirky as obsessive compulsive but I rarely forget my cellphone because it's on my list (in my head) of things not to leave the house without, if my house burns down - it won't be because I left the iron or curling iron on and if you call me and I'm home, you are almost certain to get to talk to me.

We are supposed to tag six people but I am tagging only four as I would love to expand my blogroll but can't seem to find the time. They are: Carol at Sheep to the Right, Stephanie at Notes from the Soul, Janet, and Cheri at Pass the salt, please.

Let's see how quirky you are.


ocean mommy said...

Oh girl, I'm all about that list thing too!


Carol said...

Okay, you know me so well so you know that your list IS my list. So there you go.