Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Don't forget to fight

The last week and a half have been extremely busy. We have been fighting colds, traveling and just staying busy with the daily stuff of life. When I traveled to Birmingham last weekend, the local radio station morning show DJ (Rick Burgess) had just lost his son in a terrible accidental drowning. It was all over the news there. It affected me, but I just stayed busy. Yesterday, I read Lysa Terkeurst blog entry about a terrible accident that happened on the edge of her property (Life is Short). It affected me, but I just got busy. Today, I finally took the time to watch the You Tube videos of Rick Burgess at the service for his son. It reminded me that I often stay "too busy." There is a battle going on around us and I often allow myself to be too distracted or too discouraged by my enemy to even join in the fight. Let's not get so busy, distracted or weary that we forget to fight.

If you haven't seen these videos, take half an hour to watch. It is well worth the reminder of what is truly important in this life.
It is an extremely powerful message! It is in three parts. Part 1 is 9:59, part 2 is 9:48, and part 3 is 9:37. Be sure to watch all of it.

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