Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Daily Dose

So my friend Stephanie at Notes from the Soul gave me a daily dose of love on her blog and I must say that I needed it today. I think I am supposed to pass this on to five bloggers who encourage me. I must say that these "passing on" things are a little difficult in that I don't read a lot of blogs on a regular basis. I barely have time to post on my own blog but I try to stay caught up with reading a few times a week. I rarely post a comment but I try to be faithful in keeping up. I need to be better about commenting I know, but just know that I am thinking of you girls and trying to stay caught up on what is going on in your lives, while trying to keep up with my own crazy life on most days.

Sorry - This post was just interrupted by a crash from the kitchen which was Mary Lyndsey dropping an entire glass of Orange Fanta on my freshly mopped floor. Of course it spilled on the table, the chair and splashed over everywhere including the walls. And, upon trying to get up the sticky mess from under the table on my hands and knees, I raised up and almost gave myself a concussion on the table in the process. Hence, just one more reason why I needed a dose of love or encouragement today. It has definitely been one of those days!

So, most of the five blogs I read on a regular basis, Stephanie already sent the love to, but I would send it right back to Stephanie, to Carol at Sheep the Right, Deanna at The Cox Connection, Marybeth at Cheaper by the Half Dozen , Joy at Joy in Chaos and Micca at Reflections. I would also like to give it to my friend Janet at her blog she started, but she hasn't sent me the link yet, so I haven't been able to read it - and I'm dying to.

Will catch up more soon!


Carol said...

Hey thanks! I would have given it to you, too but I thought you couldn't get it twice! So just consider yourself double dosed!

ocean mommy said...

:) Sounds like you need a girls night out!!! Orange Fanta is always fun to clean up.

Chaotic Joy said...

Hey girl! Thanks so much. Sorry to hear about the Fanta Fiasco.