Friday, September 7, 2007

Praising Him in my Circumstances

It's official! I'm sick. I knew on Wednesday morning that it was coming and it has. I went to the doctor today where I received an antibiotic, a decongestant, and cough medicine. Hopefully I will actually sleep tonight since I have coughed all night the last two. The last three days have been really hectic and all my plans have gone completely out of the window as will the rest of the weekend probably. So much for the house getting clean and the garage getting finished.

When I'm sick, my attitude can start to stink pretty quickly. So... to head that off, I'm sharing a few thoughts that I am going to try to remind myself of during my recovery.

When I am sick, You are my healer.
When I am hopeless, You are my hope.
When I am unfaithful to You, you still are faithful.
When I am enslaved, You set me free.
When I am needy, You meet my needs.
When I don't know what to do, You are my wisdom.
When I am weak, You are my strength.
When I am sad, You are my joy.
When I am down, You lift me up.
When I am unlovely, You still love me.
When I am lost, You find me.
When I forget You, You remember me.
When I feel friendless, You are my friend.
When I feel powerless, You give me the same power you used when You raised Christ.
When I fear, You remind me to fear you instead.
When I am dirty in my sin, You wash me clean.
When I am hungry, You feed me with your Word.
When I am thirsty, You let me drink from Living Water.
When I feel like quitting, You keep me going.
When I feel like there is no way, You are the Way.
When I feel like no one notices me, You see me.
When I am tired, You give me rest.
When I feel like my burden is too much to bear, You remind me your burden is light.
When I falling for Satan's lies, You remind me of Your Truth.
When I am in turmoil, you are my peace.
When I feel all alone, You remind me that You are there.
When I feel like I am sinking, You remind me you are the Rock I stand on.
When I don't recognize me or know who I am, You know me.
When I am accused, You are my defender.
When I feel misunderstood, You understand me.
When I am in darkness, You shine the Light so that I can see.
When I die, You will give me eternal life.

Hopefully this will speak to you if your day is going like mine has been the last few.


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Preach on Sister. :) He is more than enough!

Sorry you're feeling bad! Praying that you rest tonight and the medicine will do it's thing quickly.

Hope to see you Sunday, but don't push it! Your family needs you well!


Carol said...

You Go girl! That was pretty awesome for someone who is so sick. How about... when I'm really sick, He gives me great words to write. Hope you are feeling better soon! Carol :)