Friday, September 16, 2011

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

Hello Friends,
I have a special prayer request for you this week. They moved my dad's surgery to Friday morning (today). The brain tumor they found has doubled in size in the last two weeks and they found another spot on his brain. He's very nervous and my mom is emotionally and physically drained. I'm traveling to be there for surgery (so this is a scheduled post) and hubby will be home with kids. Please pray for the doctors, the surgery, my dad and mom and my family while I'm away.

Today my quiet time was John Chapter 14. It could not have been more perfect. It says "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God. Trust also in me." I'm trusting Jesus for his perfect will and plan to be worked out.
Thanks for the prayers.


Cathy said...

Oh, Amy, I'm so sorry. I'm agreeing in prayer with you, praying for you all.

BARBIE said...

Saying a prayer for your father and all of you! May God keep your hearts in His perfect peace.

Marina@EBMR said...

Amy,I wanted to encourage you with this story. Last year a brother from church was told he had a tumor in his brain and they did the surgery and the mass had grown. They started chemo and the mass kept growing.The doctors sent him home as there was nothing they could do.The church and people who knew this brother united in prayer and God moved. A month later he went to the Doctor and they were shocked to see the mass reducing without any treatment or medicines...just prayer. A year later today this brother is a walking testimony that God heals. The tumor is no longer there and he is fighting fit and an example that God still IS in the miracle working business.

God is not a respecter of persons and I believe He can move on your Daddy's behalf. Be strong and pl share this story with your Dad. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus...He CAN!

Chris said...

may God grant your family grace to surpass this trial you are all facing..

LivingforGod said...

I'm praying for your dad, mom, you, and your family, the doctors and the surgery.

Beth in NC said...

Oh Amy! I am praying right now.

God bless your family and give you all strength.


Debbie Petras said...

I'm praying for your dad and also ...for you. Trust Jesus with your dad and He will give you the peace needed for today.

blessings and love,

enthusiastically, dawn said...

Amy, linking up in song but also in prayer for you- In His grace, Dawn

Rebecca said...

Love that song!

Will be praying for your dad and the rest of your family.

Unknown said...

Please know that I will be lifting you and your family up in prayer.

Nana Jul said...


Just want you to know, I'm praying for your Dad...your whole family...that you would catch glimpses of Jesus...right where you are!
Rely on HIM!