Saturday, September 13, 2008

Then Sings My Soul Saturday - Music Giveaway Weekend

It's finally here... the big music give away weekend. I know you all can't wait to see who wins... but you will have to wait just a little longer. There's still time to included in the drawing. If you leave a comment today you will be entered or if you link a TSMS post today you will be entered again. To see all the ways you could be entered in the drawing go here. I will compile all the names tonight and announce the winners after midnight.

It's been a long week. Spencer and I traveled to Indiana on Wednesday and Thursday for an Epilepsy Advocate event so it went by really fast. I can't believe it's Saturday already. I had planned to post more all week, but never got the time. I'm a little worn out and hope to get some much needed rest this weekend. 

I decided one of the best ways to get energized is to sing about Jesus.  I was trying to think of an upbeat, fun song to post this weekend and then I remembered this one.

It's been a long time since I heard it and when I found it on You Tube, I had to laugh. It still makes me want to dance and sing along. Hope you enjoy.

By the way... I love Jesus, yes I do, I love Jesus... How about you?


Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing. My prayers continue to be with you.


Debra Kaye said...

I so love Jesus! This was great! Thank you for hosting TSMSS ... I just love it!

Addicted to Beadz said...

That is great! Thanks for sharing!

Praying Spencer has had a good week!


Stephanie said...

I must have been under a rock...I have never heard this song! It was really cute and fun!!
Have a great weekend!

Stephanie said...

Fun, Fun, Song!

Cristine said...

How FUN!!! I had never heard this one before, but it put a HUGE smile on my face. I love Jesus - YES I do!!!!

Cathy said...

I love Jesus, yes I do! Thanks Amy, that was great. Did Carmen write that? His concerts are wonderful. I about clapped my hand off.

Nancie said...

Hi Amy, so thankful to God that He has brought you and Spencer to the Epilepsy Advocate event and safely home. Thanks for sharing this cheerful song with us! This is the first time I heard it. Take care and have a blessed and restful weekend!

Peggy said...

Blessings Amy...glad you made it there and back safely with Spencer!

I could not wait for today! I'm energized but that upbeat song but since it's midnight here...shhhh!

I'm suppose to be praying and probably in bed by now! We need to be praying for Texas and "IKE"! I prayed for it to be reduced to a whisper but it's so's lost power but still is so large!

Thanks again Epilepsy Advocates for sharing in Mission4Monday! I loved going to those previous posts on your popularity in the news (and the Celebrity look alike...mine's on the bottom of my blog).

Singing about Jesus and praising Him through our "storms" always
lifts the roof...I LOVE JESUS!!!
HOW 'BOUT YOU!!! If you see my FUN today, you might think I love other stuff but...not as much as I LOVE JESUS! Please come and check it out!

Bonnie said...

Ohhh... that was awesome, awesome, awesome FUN!!!! Thank you for sharing that video!!! I'm going to watch it again as soon as this posts. :)

Michele Williams said...

I love it! It's been a while since I've seen this video. I love Carmen!

Thank you so much for your encouraging posts and your encouraging comments on my posts.

I have an award for you on my blog. God bless my friend.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

that is fantastic I love it. It brought a smile to my face to!

Mandy said...

this is the first time I've heard that song! Great!

He & Me + 3 said...

I remember how much I used to love Carmen. I have never seen that video...that was awesome. I am going to have to check more of him out on YouTube. Thanks! BTW...I love Jesus too!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Boy that was fun!!!! Thanks for sharing that joy filled video!

Sue J. said...


I found you through a blog of Nancie's. Such a great idea you have here....a great way to get us focused for our time of worship! Thanks for letting us all sing.

Kimberly said...

We are having kind of a trying morning, so I knew I could come by here and be uplifted! Thanks, Amy!!!

This gets me super excited, too, because Carman is coming to our church on September 21st!!! I have never heard him in person before!
I am praying for some lives to be radically changed for Jesus that Sunday!

And YES, I love Jesus! Yes I do! :)

Drew, Amber and Anna Kate said...

I have never heard that song! It will not get out of my head now..thanks. That is a fun one to sing with Anna Kate!! Talk to ya'll soon. Tell M.L. thanks for the frog, A.K. loves it. Now we have another friend to take everywhere!!

Lori Watson said...

Carmen is awesome. Love his variety and message!

I am joining for the first time, seems like a fun and encouraging meme! :-D

Unknown said...

I love Jesus, Yes, I do! That was such a fun song! Thanks! :)

Yolanda "Little" Fenn said...

I love that there are people like you who have a ministry like this to keep us all thinking about songs that inspire change, and closeness to God. I feel blessed to be a small part of this...and todays choice is awesome! I love that song!

Andrea @ Mommy said...

Fun song! I love Jesus...Yes, I DO!! I haven't heard that one before :-)

Sita said...

Yes, this is a fun song to express love for Jesus. May I bless you, Amy, with a special touch of His love for you and your family this week.
Love, Sita

Susan said...

Oh yes, I DO LOVE JESUS!!!

Awwwh, that was so good, I need that upbeat happy song today.

I used to really enjoy Carmen's music and his videos, oh yes!

Blessings to you and your family Amy.

LAURIE said...

Thank Amy for sharing your worshipful heart with each and every week. You are awesome! -Blessings, Laurie

Tim said...

Nice site. I have been doing the music thing on Sunday's. Maybe I'll change and be a part of the group. Great song. I never saw Carmen's video on it. Too cool.

God bless.

I love Jesus,


Melissa in Mel's World said...

What a great video...that's awesome! I am a little late joining today, but I made it...can't wait to go and visit with everyone!