Friday, March 6, 2009

National Epilepsy Walk 2009 - "We need you!"

The end of March, Spencer, Lucia and I will be traveling to Washington, DC for the National Epilepsy Walk. We are excited to be returning again this year. Spencer will also be participating in Kids Speak Up, a program sponsored by the Epilepsy Foundation. He was selected as the representative from Georgia to attend.
Kids Speak Up! is a national conference for youth leaders with epilepsy. It provides 7-16 year olds with a unique opportunity to educate elected officials and staff about the disease. It’s also the first chance for many participants to speak out and meet other youth with epilepsy.
We will be attending training and have the opportunity to go to Capitol Hill to speak with relected officials about epilepsy. It will be a great learning experience for us and them.
Spencer and I are in the process of raising money for the Walk and would love it if you would contribute if you feel led to do so. You can go to this page to make an online contribution. You can also contribute by mail and the address is listed on the page as well.
I'll be sure to post pictures when we return. In the meantime, enjoy this clip from last year's walk. I think you might recognize that little boy at the end saying "We need you!"

Me and Spencer at last year's walk.

Sweet Blessings to you,



Smiley said...

You have my support amd pryers.

Blessing to you.


Carol said...

Love it!!

bj mcmillan said...

Could you help me find a friend for a very depressed seizure victim...she is in Tampa florida...she has very serious seizures...age 27 ...her name is Heidi please have someone who can be supportive..or could drive her to support meeting and also put her on a prayer list...Heidi is her name ...813-408-9824