Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who Are These Children?

Want to take a stroll down memory lane with me?
This is me and Greg at an Alpha Delta Pi band party at the University of South Carolina in 1990.
We had been dating about a year.
This is our wedding picture from May 29, 1993
Can you believe my hair? I didn't post a picture with the bridesmaids dresses. It was just
too much. Although I'm sure they shortened them and wore them again ;)
I can hardly believe this Thursday will make 15 years Greg and I have been married. We dated for four years prior to our wedding so we've been together over half my life ;)
I have to say it has been an incredible journey. God has blessed us. He has blessed our marriage abundantly in so many ways, especially with our two wonderful children.
This is Spencer 2 days after our Miracle! (January 2, 2000)

This is our other miracle... Mary Lyndsey. (September 30, 2003)

This is us on our cruise we won to Greece 3 years ago.

And this is Easter this past April.

I'm taking a bloggy break until Saturday. I will put up TSMS then. We are heading out for a trip to Niagra Falls to celebrate. I'll post pictures when I return. Please pray for us to have safe travel and for Spencer and Mary Lyndsey while we are away.
(Especially for no seizures for Spencer.)

Sweet Blessings to you dear bloggy friends!

PS. Thanks Sweetie for being the Incredible husband you are! And Happy Anniversary!


Darlene said...

Happy Anniversary!!
I enjoyed the pictures you shared of your sweet family. Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip. Praying for beautiful weather and safe travel for you and hubby, and I also pray for your darling children to be safe and healthy.

Jai said...

Happy Anniversary! Have a great time! Praise God for 15 years!

You have a beautiful family!

Cheri said...

Have a great time on your anniversary. I know it'll be a good one!

Happy Anniversary to you!

Chaotic Joy said...

Happy Anniversary Amy! I loved the pictures! Have fun in Niagra Falls. I was born there. And I will say a prayer for your travels and your family.

kmom3 said...

What beautiful pictures! Happy Anniversary! I will be praying for you and your husband and for your sweet cuties! I hope you two have an absolutely incredible time celebrating! God is so good! :)

Marybeth said...

Hey-- your anniversary is on my birthday-- very cool! Enjoy your day on the 29th-- a very special day for both of us!

Did you get the courage up to whack your hair off yet?? :)

Carol said...

Have fun! Happy Anniversary! I loved the pictures!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

LOVE the pictures!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Have a great trip!

(And we're praying for the little ones while you're gone!)


LAURIE said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. What a beautiful family! -Blessings, Laurie

Peggy said...

Amy. Absolutely precious memory lane of 15 years! WOW! Congrats!
Happy Anniversary! many prayers for all your requests, for great happiness and celebration in Niagra Falls(WOW)and that those special blessings, Spencer and Mary Lyndsay, have a safe, well-behaved and no problems while you're away time between now and Saturday! Enjoy and be aMazingly BLESSED!!!Your photos are priceless...thank you for sharing your JOY & HAPPINESS of SUCCESS!
Have a great time & great weather!

Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary - how cute were you two!!! Have safe travels and you'll be in my prayers!!!

Tonya said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! You two look SO CUTE together. (I ESPECIALLY LOVE the one of you on the cruise) Oh, and your babies... they're just BEAUTIFUL!

I pray you have a FANTASTIC 'honeymoon' and safe travels. Praying for a good safe weekend for your babes as well.


Janet Roller said...

Precious! An uncontrollable "awwwwe" left me when I saw each picture.
May God bless your family for the next 15! (and the next and the next)
Have a great trip - don't lean over the Falls!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Those are such precious picks! Thanks for sharing your life. It is sweet.
Lifting prayers for you-though you are probably headed back today. Hope it went well and you had great time together.
Much love,

DeAnna said...

Happy Anniversary! I know that in all those years there have been plenty of challenges along the way to grow and shape and mold you and hubby together. You all have such a beautiful testimony!

Blessings girlfriend!

Mocha with Linda said...

Happy Anniversary!

Niagara Falls - what fun!

SharonB said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Xandra said...

Happy Anniversary! What a milestone...here's to 15 more wonderful years...


Mel's World said...

Yeah...Amy...we both just (or are) celebrating our 15th Anniversary!

We actually had a George Straight Song at our wedding, "I'm gonna love you forever, forever and ever amen". That was actually "our song".

Congrats to you both!!!

Shari said...

You and your husband look so young in your wedding picture, just like we did. When we went out for dinner, after the wedding, the waiter thought that we were eating dinner before the prom. That made me so mad.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

You were PRECIOUS in college! I mean, you still are, but oh, weren't we precious-er when we were 21!

Ok, Amy, I did not know you were going to She Speaks!! Gasp!! We must meet.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures! It's fun to see your beautiful family :o)

Jennifer said...

Hi...I just stopped by your blog and was scrolling down reading about your son, your trip and so on...then I came to your pictures on this post. I was happily surprised to see...University of South Carolina! My husband, his brother and his father all graduated from the USC and all played football for the Gamecocks! However, we live in Arkansas but are headed to South Carolina to help his mom and his younger brother next weekend with two weddings. His mom and brother are florist in Newberry, SC. My husband is from Chapin, SC. I would love to hear more from you personally...about South Carolina...born and raised there? just went to college there? still live around there? Email me at jennleigh301@yahoo.com...if you get a minute with two little ones...my youngest is 14:)