Saturday, May 3, 2008

Then Sings My Soul Saturday How Great Thou Art

I was looking back over my TSMS Satuday posts and realized I hadn't posted the song that inspired me to start it all.

I love Sandi Patti, and I get chill bumps every time I hear her sing this song.

I hope your soul is singing this Satuday after hearing this song too!

Blessings to you!

PS. I can't wait to read all of your post and hear your songs... but I am in SC for the weekend and I barely have a signal. I plan to read them all when I return. My cousin had her baby last night. A little girl, Anna Katherine (Anna Kate) weighing 6 lbs. 4oz. and measuring 19 3/4 inches.

Baby and Mom are doing great! Here she is:



Tiany said...

This is my first "Sings my soul Saturday" I too love Sandi Patti, thanks for hosting! You have a lovely family!

Melanie said...

Amy, I am a big Sandy Patti fan, too! However, I've never heard her sing this before. OH, my goodness... so very beautiful! I may be visiting several times over the next few days just to hear this over and over. :)

Mocha with Linda said...

Oh that is one of my (many!) favorites she does. What an incredible voice God has given her! Absolutely beautiful.

(And I like her name spelled like you did it, even though it was a mistake on her first album that stuck! I'm still not used to seeing it as Sandi Patty!)

Shari said...

Such a comforting and powerful song. I have good memories of hearing my dad sing this song Sunday mornings in the kitchen. He could really belt it out.

Kristine G said...

hi, I love Sandi Patty, too and also love How Great Thou Art. It's always be my favorite song!
Thank you for sharing..

Tänia said...

That is so funny... I picked a Sandi Patty song too! I absolutely love to hear her so much. I remember when I worked at Precept Ministries years ago and she had come to sing and speak... she brought her babies and the staff watched them while she was on stage. What a precious lady she is!

Thank you for sharing!

Tänia said...

Oopsy... my url is

Have a blessed week!

Carol said...

Sandi Patti is one of my all time favorites!! We use to listen to all of her cassettes in our van when we would go on vacations when I was a little girl. Anna Kate is adorable!!

Peggy said...

I LOVE Sandi Patty. I posted her earlier this week! She can bless your heart with anything she sings. She has a new album out in April "Songs for the Journey" and a special with "Hymns" as this GREAT one that you chose Amy. How we must bow to Our Lord as we humble ourselves before Him and sing "HOW GREAT THOU ART"! Thank you Amy for putting us in the most reverent place to seek His face. Bless you for hosting "Then Sings My Soul". I was so ready I posted together with Psalm Friday and the put Friday on top of Saturday, but I'm there with TWO!!! Praise the's Saturday! Blesings and love from Mexico...Peggy

Christina said...

Great song. Sandi Patti is one of the first Christian singers I ever listened to.

Anna Kate is beautiful.

Andrea said...

Oh, Amy - that was amazing! I'm at home this morning with a sick baby so I'm missing worship and sunday school. This is the best way to spend my Sunday morning if I can't be in church! I'm truly blessed!!

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

oohh..I'm not sure how I arrived here but I will be returning! What a great idea. I'll definitely participate this Saturday (if I can wait that long!) Can we do a one-time Sings My Soul Monday?! ::LOL::

kmom3 said...

Hey, I saw her in concert when I was younger! Does that make me ultra cool or what? This is such a great song. I love it when we sing it at church!
Sorry I missed out on joining in this weekend. I knew I didn't have time to go around to the other blogs so I felt wrong saying "Come to my place" when I couldn't go to their place.
ANYWAYS...hope you are doing well!
Love and blessings,

Jenny said...

What a doll baby and a sweet name!

Sita Henderson said...

Amy, I have 'heard' a lot about you on other blogs and have visited here frequently. Today, I must leave a comment for I am in tears. I, too, love Sandi Patti. God brought her 'voice' to me at a time when He was pouring His grace into my heart.
This song today was heavenly..I especially envisioned that line "Then I shall bow in humble adoration"...for how could I not for so great a salvation.
Thank you so much.
I need to post this song on my blog too.

Joanne said...

What a cutie pie...and I just LOVE her name.