Monday, August 4, 2008

Fait Lifts - God Cares About the Details

I'm over at Faith Lifts today. Please come join me.

Ever had those days when you felt you were throwing up emergency prayers that seemed unimportant in the big scheme of things? You know the ones. "Lord, please let me find my car keys or I'm going to be late, again." "Lord, please let me find a parking place close to the door, because I have to get these children and all this stuff in that store quickly in the rain." "Lord, please let her poop in the potty this time." "Lord, please let my child sleep through the night, because I have to get some sleep." If you are a mom, I'm sure you've prayed one or more of these prayers on some occasion.

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Michele Williams said...

You're up late!

Yes, I have had those days but now I call them senior moments! lol... And I say, "Oh I hope I make it to the potty this time". lol...

Tabitha said...

Ooooh, I pray those prayers every day!! Today's were, "Lord, please help me find a sippy cup valve!" and "Lord, bring to my mind the right turn to get to IKEA!" etc. etc. Heehee.
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