Monday, December 17, 2007

"Tis the Season to be busy -Fa la la la la la la la la

I know this is supposed to read "Tis the Season to be jolly" but busy just seemed to fit better today. I've been all over Dacula, Lawrenceville and Buford today trying to finish last minute errands and I made three trips to Bethlehem to Spencer's school because I took him this morning with out giving him his seizure meds so I had to go back and give them to him. I'm trying really hard not to miss spreading Christmas cheer to everyone around, but it is difficult when the people in front of you in the return line at Target are cursing out the employees there - and they are cursing back. It's even worse when your four year old is standing there asking "Why is she so mad mommy?" Yes I was in the return line at Target today, but I went because I know the line will be even longer (and meaner) after Christmas.

This past weekend was busy too, but it was fun. On Friday we went to Lake Lanier to see the lights and have fun at the carnival and Santa Shop. We roasted marshmellows, ate cotton candy, saw Santa Claus, rode the ponies and other rides, bought gorgeous ornaments, watched a Christmas play and spent the night at the hotel there to eat breakfast with Santa the next morning. The kids had a great time. They especially loved the lights.

We also attended two birthday parties on Saturday too, one at Chuck E Cheese and the other at Oasis Bowling. Needless to say, I was wiped out by Saturday night. Sunday we did my favorite thing to do during Christmas. We all cuddled on the couch and watched It's a Wonderful Life. Spencer loved it. I'm going to make him watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington after Christmas. I love Jimmy Stewart.

We still have school parties left to attend, baking to do, presents to wrap, cards to send and a few more gifts to shop for, but it is nearly finished. I'm hoping for some much needed rest and relaxation after Christmas. We don't return to school until Jan. 7 so we plan to spend some time at home resting after such a busy year.

Maybe I'll even get to post a few more times before the end of the year... but I'm not promising anything.


DeAnna said...

I am right there walking with you girlfriend. It seems that every year is busier and busier. But, to a degree I guess I thrive on it. For just as soon as I get a breath, I fill it up with something else.

ocean mommy said...

I give a hearty amen to this! We are spending the week taking care of our nieces in Chatt., so it's a little different kind of busy. I'm so looking forward to being back home and in my own bed!