Friday, June 29, 2012

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

Hey guys,
Hope you have had a great week. We have! I finally got my mom out of the house and took her to TN. with us for a mini vacation. We stayed at a place called Wilderness In The Smokies near Sevierville. It had an indoor waterpark and the kids loved it! We had a great time. It was good to see my mom having fun.
Hope you have a fabulous week for the Fourth of July!
I thought I'd share this one in honor of my dad for the Fourth. 
Sweet Blessings,


Dakota said...

Hey, I just came across your blog by doing a bit of blog-surfing and I'm glad I did! I've added myself as your newest follower, and I hope you'll check out my Christian devotional site as well.

Have a blessed day!

In Christ,
Dakota - A Look at Life from a Deerstand

Nana Jul said...


So glad you went on a mini vacation with your mom and you all had a good time! You need that.
Happy weekend.

Cathy said...

A great song for July 4th in remembrance of your dad, Amy. That was sweet of you all to take your mother on the trip. I'm glad you all had fun.