Friday, June 22, 2012

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

Hello Friends,
I'm so sorry I've missed the last two weekends posting. I've been dealing with everything from my dad passing away and have been out of town with no internet access.  Remember, my parents live in the middle of nowhere :-)

Hope you will keep joining me even though I bailed on you the last two weeks. I think that's the first time I've ever missed posting on TSMS.

I appreciate so much all of your sweet comments, emails and prayers for me and my family.
I love my internet friends.

I hope you have a blessed weekend and that you enjoy this one by Mercy Me.
It sort of explains how I feel right now.


Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

So sorry to hear of these struggles for you, Amy, having lived through them myself... Prayers prayed!

In fact, today's musical post is on this very topic ~
Life's highs and lows...
Pls come by and be blessed? You're invited and welcome ~

Mocha with Linda said...

Welcome back! I missed you and grieved for you. Hugs.

Sara G said...

sending many hugs and love.

Tänia said...

I just love Mercy Me and I can listen to any song they sing. This one is really wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

Simply God's Girl

Kimberly A Edwards said...

I love Mercy Me. This is a great song, Amy.

My post is up!

Cathy said...

I saw on Twitter where this song is in the top ten this week. It is very pretty. Praying for you all, Dear ~ Hugs ~