Friday, June 24, 2011

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

Apparently I'm in a cycle where I'm revisiting some of the things God has told me/taught me in the past and He's speaking to me through some of the same songs I've previously posted. I hope you will bear with me with some repeats:-)
This week I'm revisiting a song by Tenth Avenue North.
The lyrics are so powerful. I'm tired of striving.
Help me to remember I don't have to earn grace.



Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Oh dear! I wasn't able to listen to the song as it was blocked in my country (Philippines) because of copyright :^( Patsy from

Pamela said...

It does seem we revisit the lessons of the past. Maybe we're just brushing up. I know I've revisited the concept of earned grace more than once. God has to continue to remind me His grace is freely given, earned at Calvary by the blood of His Son. Just thinking about it makes my soul sing!

Sara G said...

Have a wonderful weekend Amy!!

Shanda said...

Linking up. Have a great weekend!

Shanda said...

Just listened to your song. I have that Tenth Ave. North CD and love that song! Such a comfort knowing His hands are always holding us.

Pia said...

hi. thanks for hosting tsmss every saturday. i really enjoy posting songs and videos.

anyway, i noticed there are some entries that didn't have the videos in them. not sure if it's just me or maybe i just didn't see them.