Friday, June 10, 2011

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

This is a song that is a little older but I heard it on the radio today and it really spoke to me. Here I am at 40 years of age and still looking for a dream. There is a war being waged for all of our destinies but He has already won the battle! I loved the part about being able to see on His shoulders. It reminded me of sitting on your dad's shoulders to be able to get a better view. Sometimes we can't see because of all the things blocking our view but our Heavenly Father will lift us up to help us see. Sometimes I feel like I can do anything too but other times it's like I've got nothing good to bring. Do you ever feel that way? Perfection is the enemy of us all but thankfully He will help us to overcome - despite the dents in our fenders and rips in our jeans!
Sweet Blessings,


Pamela said...

I agree, Amy. Sometimes I remember God can help me do anything. Then others, I forget what an awesome God I serve. I'm so thankful He loves us whether we're up or down.


Sara G said...

Thanks for hosting and sharing with us. Have a wonderful blessed weekend!

Jocelyn said...

I posted the same exact song, LOL! I've been singing it pretty much all day - was stuck in my head for awhile. I hope you have a blessed weekend!

Mary said...

i can't hear that song without singing along!

Misty said...

Thank you for sharing this song today.. I've heard it time and time before but the message was much needed today! Love it!


Gina ~ Peace, Love, and Homeschool said...

Thank you for this wonderful reminder! Free To Be Me is one of my very favorite songs and I think your words will come to my mind now whenever I hear it! God bless you!

Karen said...

Perfection is indeed my enemy, too! More often than I care to admit I've decided that if I can't do [whatever] well the 1st time I won't even try. Oh, for grace to remember that God will give me the wisdom to try what He has planned for me!
I do know this, tho: I am living the dreams He gives me because of who He is. blessings on your day, Amy.