Saturday, January 31, 2009

Then Sings My Soul Saturday - Tenth Avenue North

I kept thinking all week I would get a post up but it never happened. So, here we are on Saturday again and it's time for Then Sings My Soul. It's one of my favorite parts of the week of blogging anyway so here's this week's selection.

I've been hearing "Love Is Here" by Tenth Avenue North on the radio a lot so I decided to look them up. I really like this band. I'm posting "Love is Here" and another song by them this week called "By Your Side". I hope you enjoy. There is also a video with a little information on them if you are interested. It's pretty cool.

Also, just an update... Spencer has had a great week. We are two weeks seizure free now and he is getting caught up in school. Thanks for all your prayers. They are working... keep praying!

Have a blessed weekend!


Introducing Tenth Avenue North

Love Is Here

By Your Side


Smiley said...

My prayers continue to be with you. I love Thenth Avenue North. Have a great weekend!

Peggy said...

Blessings Amy...That is GREAT NEWS!!! I was concerned since you did not have posts that perhaps you really needed prayer. So I'm so thankful! As I'm sure you all are!

I have just discovered Tenth Avenue and added many of their songs on my playlist so this was a GREAT timely
post of their songs I've come to love to hear from them & their message!Thanks for the intro!

I think my favorite is BY YOUR SIDE
cuz I need to stop striving & know that His Grace is not earned but given freely! Bless you for blessing us! Enjoy your TSMSS! I can't get enough...

Peggy said...

Amy...For me, it said videos no longer available for both songs...thought you should know.

Also I put my aMazing Grace because there's another Peggy that joins! I know this messes it up sometimes...I thought if I left a space it would go to 2nd line. Sorry :(

Cheryl said...

Hey Amy,

I haven't participated in some time. I'm trying to get back in the groove of things!

So thrilled to hear Spencer is doing good! Warms my heart!


Love Tenth Avenue North also!

Tim and Vicky said...

Cool! A new group to me. Thanks for passing it on.

Better yet, glad to hear about Spencer. Praise God!

Beth in NC said...

I really like those songs! I never knew who sang them and now I do. :o)

I'm so thankful your son has been doing better. Hallelujah!

Happy TSMSS!

Molly said...

I am so glad you posted this song. I LOVE tenth avenue north and debated on dropping my new rule for the new year so I could put this up this week. We got to hear them all weekend long at aa church conference last weekend.

great kids!

thanks so much for doing this and sharing this awesome music

Mel's World said...

Hey there Girl,

I am SO GLAD to hear that Spencer has been seizure free for 2 weeks, PRAISE GOD!!!

I'm hoping that this is also allowing you to get back in your groove as well and get some rest too!

10th Ave North is actually from the Ft. Lauderdale/West Palm Beach area...they are awesome! That's actually the name of the street they all lived off of, how cool is that?

Big hugs to the family!!!

Melissa in Mel's World

Chaotic Joy said...

I'm glad to hear the news about Spencer, Amy. I'll keep praying.

Tammy said...

I had to laugh when I stopped by this morning because we chose the same song, By Your Side. I have been hearing Tenth Avenue North a lot too this week and decided to post there song...I was going to change mine but decided not to...

Sweet Blessings said...

I LOVE Tenth Avenue North! I could post a song from them every week for TSMSS! I'm ministered to every time I listen to the album! Blessings to you:) Amanda

Mrs. Naz of All That Naz & Becoming Me said...

I love Tenth Avenue North...I discovered their music just recently. I'm so lad Spencer has been doing better these past two weeks.

Darlene said...

So glad that Spencer is doing better.
Love the songs...never heard of the group. Will be listening out for them thanks to you!

Have a Super Saturday!!

Robin said...

Wow, I love those videos and songs. I wished you'd enable open id on your comments below, b/c you'd prob. get more comments too for those of us who don't use google anymore or at all. Just a thought to get you more traffic. God Bless and I love these Saturdays!!!! Robin

ktwalden said...

Glad your son is doing better.

I enjoyed all three videos and had never heard Tenth Avenue before. "Love is Here" was especially good so I shared it with my son. Thank you for posting these!