Monday, February 25, 2008

Where in the World is Amy Wyatt?

OK... the travel schedule has been a little crazy. As soon as we returned from Pigeon Forge, we unpacked and packed again for a trip to Las Vegas. Before you go thinking I was there to gamble (not)... let me tell you about why I was there.

I have the privilege of speaking all over the country for a group called Epilepsy Advocates to share about what it is like to be the caretaker of a person with epilepsy. Spencer occasionally gets to travel with me and also speaks about what it is like to live with epilepsy. We also get to tell about his birth experience which opens lots of doors to share about Jesus.

Well, the company we speak for was having their National Sales Meeting there and asked us to attend to speak along with several other advocates. We had a spectacular time. Spencer spoke(in front of over 600 people) and he got a standing ovation! Makes a mama's heart proud. I can't wait to see what God is preparing for him to do some day!

We stayed at the MGM Grand and saw the Lion Habitat, went to M&M World, walked down the Las Vegas Strip to look at the lights, played in the arcade, ate at Emeril's, ate at the Rainforest Cafe and saw the Cirque du Soleil show KA. And we were only there from Thursday afternoon until Saturday morning. And we had practice and our actual meeting during that time too. It was a busy, fun filled weekend.

We also got to spend time with Michele and Rachel and their dog Cappy (also part of the advocate program). It was great for Spencer to spend time with Rachel since he really doesn't know anyone else with epilepsy. It was also great to spend time with Cappy. We are trying to decide if we should apply for a seizure response dog for Spencer. This weekend we got to see first hand what having a service dog is like. Please be praying about this for us.

Anyway, just wanted to let my few faithful readers know where I've been. It's been hectic, but I hope to catch up on reading blogs and writing soon. I have a post floating in my head about Las Vegas... but I haven't quite worked it out yet. More to come soon.

Sweet Blessings,


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

I'm exhausted just reading that! Sounds like a fun time. Did you video Spencer speaking? I bet he rocked. :)

glad your home!

Cheri said...

I think there are very few kids who would be able to stand before 600 people and speak. That is amazing! I bet you are very excited to see how God's plans work through Spencer. Glad you had an awesome time and glad you are back!

Carol said...

I know it was fun!! And I know Spencer is going to "change the world!"

kmom3 said...

That is all so amazing! I am so glad you guys had a great trip and that you are back safe and sound! I will be praying that God will show you if having a dog is part of His plan for your family.
SO good to have you back! :)

Jai said...

What an exciting time! God IS speaking through Spencer. We wrestled over a dog for Ethan, but we could never decide on the "type". We (Ethan and I) will be praying for you guys.

I think it is amazing that you and Spencer especially, ARE sharing your story with people .. you NEVER know what people deal with day to day. GREAT JOB!

Celly B said...

I was wondering where you were; it sounds like you were up to some great things during your hiatus! That is terrific about Spencer speaking in front of such a large group and y'all sharing your story. My aunt had grand mal epilepsy, and I know it would have made such a difference for her if more people had been willing to share.

Jenny said...

What a month! It is great to hear how God is using your family to help others.

I hope you have a great, restful week!

Linda said...

I'm enjoying getting to know more about you. I am proud of your boy, too!

DeAnna said...

Whew! What a trip. We certainly missed you here. Sounds like Spencer is turning out to me quite the speaker! God is really going to use that boy in mighty ways!!!!! Glad you're home.