Thursday, February 7, 2008

Passing on the Love

A few days ago, my dear, real life friend Carol at Sheep to the Right gave me the "You Encourage Me to Follow in His Footsteps" Award. Carol is really one of the ones who encourages me daily. She challenges me, motivates me and keeps me accountable. And for those of you who read her site regularly... Yes, she really is that funny and insightful in real life. I 'm blessed to get to hang out with her. Her personality and love for Christ truly comes through in her writing. I can't wait to see where her writing and love for the Lord will take her.
I would like to pass this award along to Janet at Living Oak Ministries. Janet too has been my real life friend for many years. We have cried, laughed, prayed and learned a lot about God together. She teaches me something new almost every day. When I'm down, she lifts me up and vice versa. We have laughed many times that God doesn't let both of us have a bad day on the same day because one of us calls the other to remind us what we know and believe. She is one of the funniest and most talented people I know. And I can't wait to see where God will take her singing ministry. BTW, if you need a singer for an event...she is definitely your girl!

Carol also passed along the Excellent Blog award. I purposely waited a few days to pass on this award because as I mentioned in an earlier post, I had not regulary read a ton of different people's sites... until now... all that has changed and I am hooked. I have added many people to my sidebar and am spending way too much time every day taking a peek into your daily lives and being encouraged by you.
I would like to pass this award on to Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee. I just found her site and was instantly hooked because of her two most recent posts. She is obviously a fan of Lost and anyone who loves Lost is a friend of mine. And, her Muppets post on the Candidates is way too funny! I can't wait to go back and read all of her old stuff while waiting on new posts. As one commenter put it... Linda is northern funny... different than southern funny. And if you don't think there is a difference in northern and southern, check out Micca's post from Feb. 4 entitled Southern Women at Reflections.
I would also like to pass it along to Kimberly at A Planting of the Lord. She claims to be beauty impared (not true) but her true beauty shines through in what she writes about.
I'm passing it to Jai at Wife of 1, Mom of 4 too. The story of her son Ethan is truly inspiring. Caution: take tissues to read here and here.
It's going to CellyB at Busy at Home too. If you haven't read her "tribute" to Judith Viorst's book "Alexander the the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" you need to. We all have days like these.
Also to Sue at Praise and Coffee. She's great at applying scripture to our everyday struggles and ... she gives away free stuff.
Ladies... You truly bless me.


kmom3 said...

Thank you so much! You are so sweet. I am the one who is blessed to have found YOUR blog! I came by to read earlier. I love your conversations with your kids! We can learn so much from them! I am sorry I didn't comment then. I'm a bit under the weather. :(
Thank you, again! You are a blessing!
Much Love,

Jai said...

Thank you, thank you for the mention and for sharing Ethan and Denham's stories. Life doesn't always feel good, but I feel like I should share what God has and is doing in our lives. The good, bad and the ugly.
Thank you for sharing your life through your blog, it is so nice to know I am not alone. Your conversations with your kids IS priceless.

Praise and Coffee said...

Thank you so much! You made my day!

Thank you for being such an encouragement on my blog.

Carol said...

Next time, you could say something like, "Hey Carol, if you are reading this then grab some tissues. I'm about to flatter you." You are too sweet. God was so good the day he brought us together. Thank you for your words, but most of all thank you for your friendship!

Linda said...

Wow, thanks! I am indeed honored!

Glynnis Whitwer said...

Hi Amy -

What a great blog you have. Thank you so much for visiting mine. I would love to email you directly, but can't find your email address. Can you send me a note at


Janet Roller said...

Wow! What a treat today. I was just checking in on your life (before we talk 3 times today)...thanks for the award, kind words and encouragement. You are a great friend!

Micca said...

Hi Amy,

I was visiting Rachel's blog and saw your sweet face! I said, "I know her!" and popped over to view your blog. Lo and Behold, I discover a note about my blog as I'm reading along. How funny!
Loved your site. And I enjoyed seeing your sweet family that I heard so much about.
I pray God is blessing your ministry!