Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mary Lyndsey's Dictionary

You know those things your kids say that just crack you up... well I just had to share these...

"Scratch in the sky" - the white line that an airplane makes.

"Crack in the ground" - a ditch (she certainly isn't a country girl. She didn't even know what a ditch was)

"Eiffel Tower" - any radio tower that we pass.

"Kitty Kat" - a delicious candy bar that we love.

"Pannty Cake" - a breakfast food usually the microwaveable kind for us.

"Hanger Nail" - something that requires clippers to be removed.

"Cheeto's Tissues" - Puff's Plus brand tissues.


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

These crack me up. :)

Carol said...

Too cute!

Carol said...

Come by the ole blog for a little surprise - two little surprises!

kmom3 said...

I found you through Carol's blog. These are too funny! I love the funny things that come out of our kids' mouths! When we stayed in a cabin this summer, my 4 year old asked when we were going back to our "cabinet". She also said my mom was staying in a "show and tell" in NY instead of a hotel. :)
I'm glad I stopped by!