Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Luke 3:11 - Part 1

Starting in 1997 and continuing until a few years ago (when we moved), every Christmas my husband Greg would get together with a group of men in Greenville and participate in what they called the Christmas Blessing. These men would come together and donate money to be given to people they felt God was leading them to. Some years they collected a pretty substantial amount of money. They always prayed over how much each of them were to personally donate, and then they prayed about where to go to disperse the money.

Greg always came home with the most amazing stories of what God had done on their trips. They always seemed to be led in the just the right direction - to just the right person. They often ended up in a Waffle House restaurant where they would heavily tip a single mom waitress trying to raise several children by herself; and then secretly watch through the window as she found the money. They watched many happy dances through the Waffle House window.

They also often visited the Ronald McDonald House in Greenville and there was never a shortage of needy families there. They always prayed with the person and shared Christ with them too. They were planting seeds of hope.

One year, one of the men had been called to jury duty. In a conversation with the bailiff, he explained what the Christmas Blessing was, and asked did he know of anyone they could bless. The man excitedly answered yes and provided the name and address of a woman who was disabled and whose husband had just recently lost his job. They had no income whatsoever.

As Greg and the guys finally found this lady's house, they found her on the porch with the lights on almost as if she were waiting on them. When they came up and introduced themselved, she quickly invited them into her home. This seemed rather strange to them as most people would not invite a group of men who were total strangers into their home. (Did I mention this was around 11pm at night)

As they began to talk, they asked why she was on the porch. "I was waiting on you" she replied. "I had been praying to God to send some help and I know he always sends his angels to help me. You men are my angels." They had a great talk with the lady, prayed with her and gave her some money too.

Greg always said he was the one who really received the blessing on these trips and in turn our whole family received a blessing, because it was always the topic of conversation at the Christmas dinner table. We couldn't wait to hear what God had done.

To Be Continued...


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...


I don't know if I can wait!!!


DeAnna said...

God has truly allowed you all to witness some tremendous events in your lives. What a treasure!

And, what do you mean.... to be continued!!! I can hardly wait to hear the rest!!


Carol said...

How awesome! I can't wait to hear some more. I'm not sure if it is a sign, a miracle, or a wonder that you have posted again. LOL! :)