Friday, March 2, 2012

Then Sings My Soul Saturday

Hi Friends,
Thank you for all the sweet emails you sent this week and prayers for us. Please continue to pray for Greg's mom, Judy as she adjust to life without her love of 50 years.
It seems I've been surrounded by death lately and it has me thinking more and more about what God has called us to do. The time is short and we are not promised tomorrow.
If there is a dream or vision God has placed in your heart, don't wait. Act now.
Pray for me as I try to take my own advice and move forward in some of the areas I feel God has called me to.
This song speaks to that... It's time to make a move.

Also, Happy Birthday to my sweet husband Greg!


Lisa notes... said...

Praying for your m-i-l and all of you who have experienced such loss. :-(

And happy birthday to your husband.

Chris said...

may you find comfort in the Lord and may you accomplish what God has set for you to do.

Karen said...

Thank you for all the great songs shared here! Happy Birthday to your hubby!