Monday, August 17, 2009

Five Minutes for Faith - Questions.

5 Minutes for Faith - Daily Devotions for Moms

I struggle with lots of things in my life, my weight, certain family relationships, feeling like I’m keeping up with everything that needs to be done, but there are some days these things are OK. I am at peace with them, and it doesn’t feel like a constant battle. However, the one thing I am always fighting against is the sense of helplessness and loss of control over my son’s seizures. It’s always nagging at the back of my mind.  I’m always questioning, will he have a seizure today? If so, will we go to the hospital? Should we change his meds? Should we see a new doctor? Could I be doing something different to help him? Questions, questions, questions!  And I’m a girl who likes answers.

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Wifeof1Momof4 said...

Haven't been by in a looong while. Needed to read this devotion tonite. Things are happening again w/ Ethan.

How are you all this semester?