Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dear Blogspot,

Dear Blogspot,

I know I've not spent much time with you lately. Things have been busy and I also have a confession to make. I don't know how to tell you this, but I've met someone new.

His name is Facebook and he is so much fun. We have been spending lots of time together. I don't know where the time disappears to, but once a conversation starts, an hour can pass before I even realize it.

He also knows lots of the same people I do, even people I haven't seen since high school. It's been fun reminiscing and catching up on how everyone is doing.

I promise I haven't forgotten you. I still want to spend time together and vow to make time for you too. Please forgive me for not dropping in more often, but a girl only has so many hours in a day.

I promise to visit soon, more than just our weekly date on Saturdays.

Amy :-)


Beth in NC said...

LOL!!! I could write the same letter, but to facebook! I barely check facebook enough to upload new pics and respond to people. Blogspot is my new love. <3

Too funny!

Find me on facebook. :o) I have a button on my blogspot. (Not that you'll see me on there for hours at a time anymore. ha)


Kimberly said...

You are too funny!
Since I am presently neglecting Blogspot, I have trying not to form a new relationship with Facebook. :)

Thanks for the sweet comment you left me. I would love to catch up with you sometime that you are in town!

You stay in my thoughts and prayers! Have fun with Facebook. I don't think Blogspot is really the jealous type. :)

LAURIE said...

that is good. Facebook can be addicting, and somehow the time flies by when you are on. We are currently on a church wide Daniel Fast and each of us in our household gave one other thing up besides food...I picked facebook, and it has been killing me to not be checking on all of my friends.

Cathy said...

Hi, Amy, I'm glad you are enjoying Facebook. I am on it too, but I don't spend a lot of time there. I have the Facebook badge on my blog.

Samantha said...

LOL!!!!! Oh my!! I think I have been cheating on blogspot with facebook too! So glad I'm not the only one.

Tammy said...

LOL - too funny! Oh facebook - what an addicting past time...but lots of fun to chat with friends and family. :-) I will stop by later to post my TSMSS....

Michele Williams said...

LOL... I have facebook too... but I don't spend much time on it. Although someone from Jr. High just contacted me! Problem is I can't remember her, but she remembers me! How sad is that? My illnesses have taken so much away from me... including my memory... I was hoping that with reconnecting it would spark some memories... nothing yet... but I am looking forward to rekindling some old/new relationships... especially since the last time I saw this woman was 38 years ago!!! Can anyone remember that far! lol!!

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

I loved this!!!! And you know I relate

Apryll said...

Oh I could write the same letter. And ever since I learned you can download a Facebook application directly onto my Blackberry's an addiction I just can't put down. One push of a button and I know the status of all my friends. Oh it's a horribly wonderful thing.

Mel's World said...

Girl, you are too much! I could say the same thing about TWITTER! I absolutely love TWITTER and the people I have met there. I still hang out in Facebook every other day or so to connect with friends, but TWITTER has opened new doors, forged new relationships, and has become a time vortex to which I loose complete sense of time. (HA!)

I can't wait til you come out and play in Twitter land...ha!

Melissa in Mel's World

Chaotic Joy said...

Sorry, FB and I have been having an affair for months. You'll have to wait in line. And I 2nd Mel's World Twitter comment. Twitter and I are getting hot and heavy these days too.

Andrea @ Mommy said...

LOL! Amy, if you think facebook is bad don't even think about joining twitter!!! It's a real time sucker!!!

I'll see you on Saturday ;)

Bella said...

I have the same problem!!!! Just wanted to say hi from another GA blogger!